Angklung, from Several Points of View

Angklung is a traditional musical instrument made of bamboo played simply by shaking it and it will produce sound with a certain note. The principal of the instrument is almost similar to tube/cylindrical bell. Since angklung found in 1938 by Mr. Daeng Sutigna, it was created for means of education. It was becoming more popular when such instrument played by many students in the Asian-African Conference (1955) in Bandung, West Java. At the same time Mr. Daeng Sutigna trained the guest of the conference how to play this instrument and the audience enjoys playing it. Daeng Sutigna features this instrument as 5 M (Murah, Mudah, Menarik, Massal, and Mendidik). Murah means cheap, this instrument is easy to make with cheap material. Mudah can be interpreted as easy or easy to play. Menarik means attractive/interesting because of its form, sound, etc. Massal means or this instrument involve many people, and mendidik means this instrument has an educational feature besides music.

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