Angklung Orchestra?

Today, Angklung Padaeng had reached many achievements. Another big invention that can count as a major achievement is the angklung orchestral performance. Nowadays, Angklung Padaeng can be performing with orchestral approach. Angklung can play songs along with any other standard instruments such as piano, guitar, drum, percussion, and so on. This approach lead angklung to its new standard performance. Angklung can play almost every kind of song, from the classical such as Strauss’ Blue Danube to contemporary composition such as Yanni’s Santorini. Angklung can be used to accompany singer or even choir. At the end, these achievements give angklung a whole new place as one of traditional instrument who can go global; in the music world. Today, everybody in the world can enjoy angklung, no matter what their cultural background are, because angklung had become an universal instrument.

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