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ベートーヴェン 交響曲 5 ハ短調 作品67 1楽章 「運命」

L.V. Beethoven : Symphony No.5 in C minor op.67 1st mov.


Joe Hisaishi : Studio Ghibli OST Fantasy


Ishikawa Sayuri : Tsugaru Kaikyou Fuyugeshiki


Indonesian Folk Songs & Dances, others



Guest Performer


狩野 裕美







2017 8月 26日(土)

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サンパール荒川 大ホール

Saturday, August 26th , 2017 at Sunpearl Arakawa Main Hall – Tokyo

【市バス】「荒川区役所前」 徒歩2分

【電車】 都電荒川線「荒川区役所前」 駅より 徒歩2分 日比谷線「三ノ輪」駅より 徒歩12分(荒川警察署向い)

13:30 開場14:00 開演  14:00 start    全席自由 1,000

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2017年 8月27日(日)

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逗子文化プラザホール なぎさホール

Sunday, August 27th , 2017 at Zushi Culture Plaza Nagisa Hall – Kanagawa

京浜急行「新逗子」 駅より徒歩2分 JR 「逗子」駅より徒歩 5分

13:30 開場14:00 開演

14:00 start

全席自由 1,000

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KOA 1 - 1


Expand the Sound of Angklung


KPA 3 was a pioneer in performing modern pop music by traditional instrument, which was considered a major breakthrough. As time passed by, KPA3 has attained numerous achievements, confirm it as one of Indonesia’s leading angklung orchestra. Along its journey, KPA3 has enlightened its vision in strengthening the quality of angklung tradition and making the angklung one of Indonesia’s contribution to the tapestry of mankind history. Further, KPA 3 is strongly determined to continuosly develop the interest on angklung play for the sake of Indonesia’s identity and dignity.

Expand the Sound of Angklung (ESA) is an endeavor focusing on our current strategic vision of angklung globalization. Angklung globalization has to be more than just presenting the culture. It has to be about building a strong cultural image of angklung and its’ philosophical values as one of the world’s legacy that can actually be used for various purposes. From entertainment to education, from fun party to world peace campaign.